High-Speed Serial Interface


High-Speed Serial Interface (HSSI) is a short-distance communicatio interface that is commonly used to interconnect routing and switching devices on local area networks (LA) with the higher-speed lines of a wide area network (WAN). HSSI is used between devices that are within fifty feet of each other and achieves data rates up to 52 Mbps. Typically, HSSI is used to connect a LAN router to a T-3 line. HSSI can be used to interconnect devices on token ring and Ethernet LA with devices that operate at Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) OC-1 speeds or on T-3 lines. HSSI is also used for host-to-host linking, image processing, and disaster recovery applicatio.
Like ISDN and DSL, HSSI operates at the physical layer of a network, using the standard Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model. The electrical connection uses a 50-pin connector. The HSSI tramission technology uses differential emitter-coupled logic (ECL). (ECL is a circuit design in which two traistor emitte are connected to a resistor that is switched between the emitte, producing high bit rates.) HSSI uses gapped timing. Gapped timing allows a Data Communicatio Equipment (DCE) device to control the flow of data being tramitted from a Data Terminating Equipment (DTE) device such as a terminal or computer by adjusting the clock speed or deleting clock impulses.
For diagnosing problems, HSSI offe four loopback tests. The fit loopback tests the cable by looping the signal back after it reaches the DTE port. The second and third loopbacks test the line ports of the local DCE and the remote DTE. The fourth tests the DTE's DCE port. HSSI requires two control signals (/DTE available/ and /DCE available/) before the data circuit is valid.
The HSSI cable uses the same number of pi and wires as a SCSI-2 cable, but uses the HSSI electrical interface. It is not recommended to use a SCSI-2 cable with an HSSI interface.
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高速串行接口(HSSI)是一个短途通信接口,通常用于互连路由和交换设备与高速局域网(LA)行一个广域网(WAN)。HSSI使用设备之间相互五十英尺之内,达到数据传输速率高达52 Mbps。通常情况下,HSSI用于局域网路由器连接到一条t - 3线。HSSI可用于互连设备令牌环和以太网拉设备,操作速度同步光纤网络(SONET)OC-1或条t - 3行。HSSI也用于主机到主机的连接,图像处理,灾难恢复applicatio。
像ISDN和DSL,HSSI运营网络的物理层,使用标准的开放系统互连(OSI)模型。电气连接使用50-pin连接器。的HSSI tramission技术使用微分射极耦合逻辑(ECL)。(ECL电路设计中,两个traistor emitte连接一个电阻emitte之间的切换,产生高比特率)。HSSI使用缺口时机。有缺口的时间允许数据通信设备(DCE)设备控制的数据流从一个数据终端设备(DTE)tramitted设备如一个终端或计算机通过调整时钟频率或删除时钟脉冲。
诊断问题,HSSI进攻四回路测试。适合环回测试电缆的循环后的信号到达终端设备端口。第二个和第三个环回测试线港口当地DCE和远程终端设备。第四个测试资料的DCE端口。HSSI需要两个控制信号(/终端设备可用/和/ DCE /)之前的数据电路是有效.

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